Setting the Stage for Success!

You’ve made years of memories in your house, and displaying all of those objects you love makes it feel like a home.  BUT once you have decided to sell, it is helpful to remember that your home becomes a product on the market.   Those objects you cherish may look like just plain clutter to a buyer.  Take some time to prepare your home before formally putting it on the market.   


When you list with us, The Sinnett Group can help you with specific staging suggestions, tailored for your home and situation.  Though they may  seem small, the right touches can really help your bottom line.  Here are some general guidelines to get you started:
Curb Appeal
The moment a buyer can see your home from down the street, they are already forming their first impressions.  Nothing presents better than a manicured, debris-free lawn, with healthy plants or flowers, as well as fresh mulch  in the beds.  Your car should be clean, and the garage or carport tidy.  Sweep the driveway and front steps for a nice approach to the house.
TIP:  Broken or rusty hardware on your front door will jump out at a prospective buyer right away.  Polish or replace the hardware for a sparkling first impression.   


Clean Like Crazy!
Nobody wants to buy another person’s dirt or dust!  Before opening your home to prospective buyers, make sure that your home has been cleaned like never before.  Every surface should be dusted, wiped, or polished.  Cigarette smoke and pet odors should be neutralized.  If you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you – it’s worth the relatively small expense, and we’d be happy to recommend a home cleaner to you.
TIP: Don’t forget to wipe off the blades of your ceiling fans.  Buyers will certainly turn the fans on, and you don’t want to shower them with dust!   


Clear Out The Clutter   
You’re preparing to move, so why not start packing early?  Aim to clear out about 50% of the items from your closets, cabinets, and shelves.  This will help to give the appearance of ample storage space.  Prospective buyers will look in your pantry, linen closets, even under the sink.   Pare down your furniture and knick-knacks as well to make rooms appear open and inviting.  You don’t want buyers to have any trouble moving freely to doors, windows, or around furniture.
TIP: If your home is short on storage space for the items you have packed, a portable storage unit can be helpful - and a worthwhile investment of as little as $200.  


De-Personalize the House   
Prospective buyers often make decisions based on emotion, on the “feeling” of a home.  A buyer is also imagining how his or her own items would work in the house.  Smart sellers want to make this as easy as possible!  Personal collections, knick-knacks and photos draw a buyer’s attention to your family and interests, distracting them from the product for sale: the house.  Remove as many of these items as possible, giving buyers the feeling that the house could easily become their home.
TIP: Remove from view any items associated with your pets, such as toys, food, litter boxes, etc.  Some buyers love animals – but some don’t!

 5 Easy Steps to Freshen Your Home for Showings: 

·        A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room or hallway.


·        Let in the light! Open blinds and curtains, especially before all showings.


·        Neutralizing the color scheme in a room makes it appealing to more people.


·        Fresh flowers and green plants are a great way to add life to any room.


·        Put away all toiletries and add clean towels to the bathrooms.

Thinking about selling? 
Are you wondering how to best get your home ready for the market?  Contact us today for advice from Accredited Staging Professionals!
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